ETPO Immobilier Ouest

3 rue du carmel - La Flocellière
BP 60338
44803 Saint Herblain
Tél : +33 2 40 44 27 32
Guillaume BOSSE
General manager
  • Real estate development


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Présentation de la filiale

Born from the merging of Océanic Promotion, specialist in residential real estate development in the Grand Ouest created in 1986, and ETPO RED , build-to-suit real estate development subsidiary created in 2013, ETPO IMMOBILIER OUEST benefits from the experience acquired by its mother company, ETPO, on worksites.

Above all, the company is an alliance of skills serving its customers’ projects. ETPO IMMOBILIER OUEST combines a team of professionals, united and multidisciplinary, where flexibility and adaptability are capitalized to optimize customer projects.

For the duration of the construction project, ETPO IMMOBILIER OUEST customers benefit from a dedicated, autonomous and skilled contact person providing constructive suggestions, allowing them to make decisions to move forward quickly and effectively.

In the Nantes region, ETPO IMMOBILIER OUEST can benefit from the ETPOMNIA cooperation, shared subsidiary with the OMNES foundation Construction Energie Plus, able to finance commercial projects meeting environmental requirements that extend beyond what is currently compulsory.

Reciprocal trust and the desire for a job well done are the foundation on which ETPO IMMOBILIER OUEST has been building relationships with its partners for 30 years.

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