ETPO Guadeloupe

12, rue Nobel ZI de Jarry - BP 2376
BP 2376
Tél : +33 5 90 26 91 30
agency Director
  • Travaux maritimes et fluviaux - Travaux sous-marins
  • Ouvrages d'art et génie civil
  • Travaux Spéciaux / Entretien
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Présentation de la filiale

ETPO Guadeloupe (subsidiary of the ETPO Group located in mainland France) was created in 1994 following construction of the Alliance bridge on the Rivière Salée.  The Caribbean company quickly became the leader in engineering structure design and construction - ETPO Guadeloupe is specialized in the construction of mixed steel-concrete bridges and industrial civil works - construction of bagasse coal plants on the island, in Moule, but also of mini electrical plants, etc.  In parallel, the company has been developing skills in the building construction sector.  They can notably count on COMABAT Engineering, their close Martiniquais partner.

Based in Baie Mahault, ETPO Guadeloupe has a dedicated fleet of equipment and workshops.  Thanks to the loyalty of their employees, the company has a high level of expertise allowing them to propose efficient solutions to customers on complex projects.

With access to the skills of the ETPO Group entities, ETPO Guadeloupe benefits from specialized knowledge in the areas of special works and marine works.  The company carried out works on coastal fishing ports under wind, marine terraces on the oceanfront in Pointe-à-Pitre and participated in restoration of port installations in the Guadeloupe Caribbean Port.
Their level of technical expertise allowed them to develop in French Guiana as well.  ETPO Guadeloupe notably built the Sinnamary bridge there, connecting the East and West parts of the country.