PICO Océan Indien

5, rue Adolphe Ramassamy
Tél : +33 2 62 48 49 00
agency Director
  • Travaux maritimes et fluviaux - Travaux sous-marins
  • Ouvrages d'art et génie civil
  • Travaux Spéciaux / Entretien
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Présentation de la filiale

Founded by Jean Pico, originally from Gap in the Hautes-Alpes department of France, and later a long-time subsidiary of RAZEL, PICO Océan Indien became a subsidiary of the CIFE-ETPO Group in 1996.

The company works on engineering structures, roads and various networks. The company has become specialized in the construction of all types of bridges, notably those built with centering. When it comes to roadworks and other networks, PICO OI provides its expertise in the creation of ZACs (concerted development zones) and in RHI (slum clearance).

PICO Océan Indien has been a source of quality technical solutions for its customers for over fifteen years now.

Voir le site http://www.pico-oi.fr