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Frédéric DRUAIS
General manager
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Located in Plabennec (Finistère department), BRITTON was founded in 1989 when the companies LE PAPE CONSTRUCTIONS (specialist in metal framework) and BESECOND (expert in wood framework) joined forces.  Later, the company acquired MIGNON (specialist in structural works).  In 2000, the general construction company BRITTON became a subsidiary of the ETPO Group.
Today, strengthened by the combination of all of these trades, BRITTON S.A. benefits from a wide array of know-how. The company takes on structural work, reinforced concrete, structure reinforcement, metal and wood framework (traditional and glued laminate), wood-frame walls (with or without integrated insulation), wooden, steel and polycarbonate cladding and steel trough-section roofing.
As the sole contact and builder for building structures, BRITTON works very closely with its customers. With 30 years’ experience in construction and qualified, experienced personnel in each trade represented, the company ensures a high level of service for every project it takes on.  Also, BRITTON has an integrated technical design office capable of carrying out all design work and execution drawings for its works.
Anchored in the north of the Finistère department, BRITTON essentially works on local projects: construction of the Quimper sports center, the Keraudren Polyclinic in Brest, etc.
With its complete and advanced knowledge, BRITTON S.A. has become a specialist in mixed concrete-metal-wooden structures.