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A key actor in the Martinique public works sector, COMABAT (Martiniquais building company) celebrated its 30th birthday in 2015.  The company has been working towards the development of Martinique for three decades by building civil engineering works as well as important buildings on the island.  They have completed around 200 operations, including the Lamentin olympic swimming pool, the mother and child hospital, the Aimé Césaire airport and the Gaigneron interchanges of Lamentin and Acajou.

COMABAT is invested in preserving the environment and in the safety of its workers and was certified ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) in 2011.  As part of this same approach, in 2016, the company obtained safety certification (OHSAS 18001) which validates reinforcement of safety on COMABAT worksites.  Committed to reducing waste, the company is also a member of the Entreprise et Environnement network and of the Entreprise Témoin operation organized by the CACEM and Espace Sud (recognition of companies who set an example when it comes to reducing waste).

COMABAT is a reliable partner that is capable of completing any type of project in the best quality conditions, whether for public customers (notably the Martinique government) or clients in the industrial and private sectors. Their high level of technical skill and expertise allow the Martiniquais company to step up when technical and complex projects present themselves.  The company is in synergy with ETPO Guadeloupe, their closest contemporary and in close collaboration with subsidiaries and branches of the ETPO Group (Tétis, Technirep, ETPO Nantes Bâtiment et Nantes TP), and therefore benefits from new skills and development opportunities in special and marine works.

Our specialities : 

Civil engineering works 
Structural works and all-trades construction projects