ETPO Dol de Bretagne

3 impasse de l'armée Patton
Tél : +33 2 99 48 02 07
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The Dol de Bretagne office was founded in 1995 following the acquisition of a local Dol company: RETIF VERDIER, company founded in 1906.  The agency quickly deployed its knowledge in two fields: traditional masonry and execution of all-trades works.  Today, they use their skills in:

Traditional masonry (schools, offices, industrial buildings) as part of new and renovation operations.
All trades works, more specifically as part of rehab or restructuring operations.
Reinforced concrete: civil works (wastewater treatment station, swimming pool, etc.), housing (small operations, etc.).  
Excluding engineering structures, the agency participates in all works, in private or public markets and under all forms of contract (structural work, all trades, competitive dialogue, design-construction, project development).  Its specialities include heavy restructuring, rehabilitation and light renovation.

The agency now employs around 35 people and achieves annual sales figures of about 10 million euros.

Its business is mainly in the Grand-Ouest area:

Lisieux, Flers (wastewater treatment station).
Fontevraud, Saumur, Rennes, Evreux, Guer, Coëtquidan (military sites).
Saint-Malo, Rennes, Saint-Nazaire, Laval (housing rehabilitation, etc.).
They regularly work in the Maine-et-Loire department.