ETPO Group Equipment department

11, Route de la Garenne
Tél : +33 2 40 94 72 80
Sébastien QUIROS
Equipment service manager
  • Matériel
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Located in Orvault (near Nantes), in a 20,000 m² park, the ETPO equipment department provides the material resources to worksites that are necessary for their successful completion.  A dedicated team of 11 people ensures maintenance, storage and logistics operations on the equipment.  With a constant concern for profitability, technicians provide their customers with expertise and quality of service.

The ETPO Group has a significant fleet of modern and powerful nautical equipment that allow it to perform all kinds of coastal and river engineering works.

The transverse, multidisciplinary approach, reactivity, adaptability and proximity in the field are the assets that make the equipment department a key worksite partner.  By listening to its customers, the ETPO department maintains a high level of knowledge and mastery on its equipment.

Concerned with the image of the ETPO Group through the equipment it provides, always available to hear the needs of worksites and with a continuous desire for innovation, the ETPO equipment department is responsible for purchasing by using levers of standardization and acting in a responsible, innovative and sustainable manner by meeting the highest security standards for company employees and their partners.