ETPO Géodex

20845, Chemin de la Côte Nord
Tél : 1 514 694-2200
General manager
  • Travaux maritimes et fluviaux - Travaux sous-marins
  • Ouvrages d'art et génie civil
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Founded in 1973 by Mario Giacomo, the Géodex company integrated the ETPO Group at the end of 2016 and became ETPO Géodex Inc.

Thanks to a dynamic team of engineers with expertise in foundation works, highly qualified personnel and specialized equipment, ETPO Géodex is able to estimate, design and execute deep foundations (piles, caissons, bores), support systems (berliner wall, sheetpiling, secant piles) and underpinning of existing buildings.  As a part of the ETPO Group, ETPO Géodex extends its business to include coastal and river works.
At ETPO Géodex, innovation is an integral part of the basic tools of our engineers, technicians, schedulers and foremen.  Constant evolution that results in continuous improvement.

Our specialities

  • All types of anchoring and nailing in the ground
  • Sealing and consolidation by injection
  • Deep foundations - all pile, micropile and caisson techniques
  • Various support systems - piles, cofferdams, sheetpiling, walls
  • Tests and tensioning
  • Construction and repair of quays, locks and hydroelectric works

In close proximity with customer needs (both current and potential), we organize meetings in order to provide information on our upcoming projects and offer solutions.  Serving our traditional market in Quebec is a priority for us.  In parallel, we are working to extend our business to coastal regions and Ontario.

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