Our constructions withstand the test of time - Technology, innovation and research are in our blood


ETPO supports R&D in the Public Works field

The ETPO Group is a member of the jury for the National Competition for Sustainable Construction Entrepreneurs organized by the Domolandes technopole. The applicants must present projects specific to the Sustainable Construction theme and Digital Technologies in the field of construction.


Innovation encouraged by the worksites themselves

Each year, our employees from all departments, are invited to report back with their good ideas that we then reward and share within the company. In 2017, a crawler-mounted robot capable of transporting 500 kg of material on stairs was awarded for one of our worksites in the Paris metro (underground) system.


Innovative materials

We master heavy timber (CLT) and wood panel construction as well as structural steelwork construction.

We also adapt certain traditional materials, for example using recycled plastic sheetpiling that can be handled manually and is not subject to corrosion.


New construction methods

We adapt traditional construction methods on our worksites and find inspiration in industrial techniques to improve our productivity. We use the Lean and Takt methods in the field with significant investment in training and experimentation. 


Research to meet the specific needs and constraints of our customers

For example, we developed a unique integrally-colored blue concrete formulation to be used for tall vertical walls (8 m) in aquatic environments.

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Road to digitalization

Fielwire, our site monitoring application, supports employees in this transition. We focus on our high added value tasks, and Fieldwire helps us reduce time-consuming site management / coordination tasks


Startups and open-innovation approaches

The startup spirit of initiative and responsibility is at the heart of our values. We encourage startups in their endeavors and welcome them on our worksites. We support Smart Cast for example, who is improving worksite productivity by printing BIM models on “lost” formworks in the building field.

The ETPO Group also collaborates with startups through our support of the Impulse Partners incubator.


The chemistry of construction for the benefit of repair works

A liquid-tight system was developed to seal the vaults of the Paris metro. We maintain close ties with our suppliers/manufacturers and together we are capable of developing new products and application processes to meet the specific needs and constraints of our customers.


The ETPO Group: a force for local innovation

ETPO is the co-founder and administrator of Novabuild, a Public Works cluster in the Pays de la Loire region. Novabuild accelerates energy, environmental, digital and societal transitions for positive construction in the Pays de la Loire.