ETPO Nantes Bâtiment

Immeuble Armen - 2 impasse Charles Trenet
BP 60338
44803 Saint-Herblain Cedex
Tél : +33 2 40 44 27 32
agency Director
  • Construction


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Présentation de la filiale

In 1972, ETPO absorbed DUCOS, a construction company that was struggling, and they took on their personnel and equipment.  New knowledge integrated the public works company that was then truly able to launch itself in the construction business.
It took until the 1990s, however, for construction to become a major activity of the company as ETPO invested in manpower and expanded the team dedicated to construction.  Nantes Bâtiment landed some major contracts in Nantes: one phase of l'Hôtel-Dieu (hospital), extension of the Leclerc Paridis (shopping center), etc.  Then, in the 2000s, they participated in the Nouvelles Cliniques Nantaises and Catherine-de-Sienne center, the Mother and Child hospital as well as a Martiniquais version of the French maternity center.
Within ETPO, building construction has since become equally as important as public works.

Today, Nantes Bâtiment is building housing as the structural work or all trades contractor, performing industrial and water treatment civil engineering operations, as well as building offices and hospitals. The agency also carries out rehab works on premises that are occupied or empty.

Proximity and availability are the major assets that make Nantes Bâtiment an obvious choice for its customers. Certified for Quality, the Environment, Health and Safety, and committed to a CSR approach, ETPO ensures a high level of requirements for all of its projects.
Throughout their years in the field, Nantes Bâtiment has collected practices and techniques to continue increasing their skills. The agency now benefits from specialized knowledge in design and construction, general contracting, rehabilitation of occupied sites and they have noteworthy experience in the clinic and hospital fields.