NEGRI France

ZI Le Tonkin - Secteur des Bétonniers
Secteur des Bétonniers
Tél : +33 4 42 48 39 70
General manager
  • Coastal & river engineering - underwater works
  • Special works / Maintenance
  • Equipment


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Présentation de la filiale

The EJN NEGRI company was created in 1928 by Jean Negri, a diver from Marseille.  His deep diving performance/exploits/records were featured in an article in Paris Match magazine in 1938.

After WWII, where he proved himself as a true patriot, the company worked in marine salvage and naval repairs.

In the 1960s, the EJN NEGRI company added breakwater maintenance to its business and invested in a fleet of crane pontoons.

At the end of the 1990s, the company joined the ETPO Group and grew, performing works throughout the South of France and in North and West Africa.
NEGRI is specialized in coastal engineering, driving, dredging and construction of mooring dolphins, protection works, commercial quays and piers, recreational piers and construction of water inlets and outfalls.

Working with NEGRI means working with a highly professional company turned toward the future.  Their long experience in coastal and river works awards them maturity and recognized know-how.  The company also benefits from a close relationship with the ETPO design office, specialized in coastal works.
For NEGRI, the most important mission is to propose the most suitable structure for the needs of their customer, in line with relevant standards.  Their professionalism ensures the quality and longevity of the works they execute.