101, avenue François Arago
Tél : +33 1 40 99 22 11
Christophe PAULARD
General manager
  • Special works / Maintenance


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Présentation de la filiale

For more than 40 years, TECHNIREP has been specialized in reinforcement, repair and protection of concrete structures.  In 2015, the company joined the ETPO Group in order to add to the overall knowledge and develop a special works pole.

Taking its customers’ requirements to heart, TECHNIREP performs operations with high added value integrating diagnostics, design and works.  The company therefore has its own technical design office to define the best repair solutions for its customers.  The company has also developed specific expertise in the field of structures in operation. The purpose? Minimize interference so the customer can continue working comfortably.

For bridges, the company is therefore able to perform repair work while preserving the river ecosystem and maintaining circulation during restoration of a bridge deck, for example.  The company has also developed a specialization in rehabilitation and handicap accessibility of parking lots while allowing customers to maintain operation.  Developing an expertise in concrete chlorination treatment, TECHNIREP has significant operating feedback and suitable design methods for repairing industrial buildings.  Finally, the company also works on projects in the nuclear field and benefits from teams and certifications required for working in controlled zones.

TECHNIREP works on all operations :


  • Modification of civil works and repair of concrete
  • Bridge repair (jacking, road joints)
  • Reinforcement by additional rebar and shotcrete (dry and wet process)
  • Injections (gluing, sealing, regeneration)
  • Cathodic protection of concretes
  • Reinforcement by carbon fiber (flats, fabric and rings)
  • Protective, sealing, casing resin
  • Protection by resin resistant to specific stresses

The company is an active member of STRRES and has all qualifications required in terms of repair and reinforcement of concrete structures.  TECHNIREP works throughout France thanks to the cooperation of ETPO Group subsidiaries.