Boulevard Gustave Eiffel - ZA La Verdure
ZA La Verdure
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agency Director
  • Coastal & river engineering - underwater works
  • Special works / Maintenance


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Présentation de la filiale

Dominique Vannier, a former Class III diver at Sogetram, Doris and Comex, created TETIS in 1994.  Ten years later, ETPO enters the capital of the company and, in 2015, TETIS becomes a complete subsidiary of the ETPO Group.

Located in Bellevigny (near La Roche-sur-Yon in the Vendée region) since it was created, TETIS now benefits from a new location on 1000 m² of land.

The company has also had an agency in Le Havre since 2013.
Specialized in subaquatic and coastal works, the TETIS teams perform works under and above water: design, construction, repair, refloating, protection of metal structures, etc.

Over its twenty years of business, TETIS has developed widely recognized expertise in the field.  TETIS’ main assets are its reactivity and mobility that allow them to provide a suitable, fast response to their customers’ needs.  Grands Ports Maritimes of Le Havre and Nantes Saint-Nazaire, the Conseil départemental de Seine-Maritime (departmental council), Gaz de France, etc. are among the company’s regular customers.

Voir le site http://www.tetis.fr/