Le Havre port complex

Underwater works on the port complex

  • Coastal and river engineering - Underwater works

    • Underwater / diver works
TETIS-Ensemble-portuaire-du-Port-du-Havre-travaux-maritimes-fluviaux-travaux-sous-marins-2 TETIS-Ensemble-portuaire-du-Port-du-Havre-travaux-maritimes-fluviaux-travaux-sous-marins-5

Start of works


Project owner

Grand Port Maritime du Havre


  • Transportation
  • Marine

Prime contractor

Service des Equipements Portuaires du GPMH

Total of works Excl. TVA

Construction location

Le Havre / France

Offers & solutions

  • Specialized Interventions

Worksite figures

  1. 3 to 5 divers
  2. Water depth 2 to 24 meters