Méthanier Elengy terminal

Repair of cracks by restoring the sheet metal core and concrete of the Bonna pipe

  • Special works / Maintenance

    • Repair and reinforcement of structures
    • Bored driven, presscrete piles
TETIS-Terminal-Methanier-Elengy-travaux-maritimes-fluviaux-travaux-sous-marins-2 TETIS-Terminal-Methanier-Elengy-travaux-maritimes-fluviaux-travaux-sous-marins-3 TETIS-Terminal-Methanier-Elengy-travaux-maritimes-fluviaux-travaux-sous-marins-4

Start of works


Project owner


  • Water and energy
  • Traditional energy sources

Prime contractor

Total of works Excl. TVA

Construction location

Montoir de Bretagne / France

Offers & solutions

  • Specialized intervention (limited time
  • premises occupied
  • tight constraints
  • etc.)

Worksite figures

  1. Pipe 900 mm or 1400 mm
  2. 5 x 200-m long ducts